Postwar Period

Postwar Period

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Valenciennes 3

The Film


Running Time
01 min 15 s

Section Cinématographique de l'Armée Française

The Canadian advance through Valenciennes, Western Front, October 1918. The crossroads between Valenciennes and the suburb Anzin where French Deputy Durre was killed. Some of the houses are wrecked but a German cinema for the troops is still intact. In Valenciennes itself (this section is tinted mauve) men of the Canadian Corps pass the rubble of the station. A dead German lies in a doorway. Wagons of the Canadian 4th Infantry Works Company (note formation sign) move through. The Canadians inspect a dead German laid out in the street. In an office, the temporary Mayor, M. Billiet, poses with is deputy M. Damien.


Movement of supplies, Lens, 1918 A Canadian Narrow Gauge Railway Armoured Train, [ca. 1918]. Shattered Objectives - After the Somme “The Last Trip” – Horses Killed by Enemy Fire, 1914-1918 The Train Station, Valenciennes, 1918 Ruined French Village, 1914-1918