Postwar Period

Postwar Period

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Mr Lloyd George and Sir Sam Hughes Review the Canadian 4th Division at Bramshot

The Film


Running Time
03 min 52 s

Visit of the Canadian Minister of Militia and the British Secretary of State for War to Bramshot camp, 7 August 1916.

The men of the division march past Lloyd George and Hughes (who is in uniform). Prominent is the division’s kilted regiment, 72nd (Seaforth Highlanders of Canada) Battalion. Lloyd George delivers a speech standing up in his car, with Hughes beside him and reporters taking notes as he talks. Hughes calls for three cheers for Lloyd George and receives a spontaneous cheer himself. Hughes shakes hands with the division’s officers.

The unit that appears in film is Division 4, 72nd Battalion (Seaforth Highlanders of Canada); the Vancouver Highlanders.


General Sam Hughes, Canadian Minister of Militia and Defence, 1914-1916. 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles Military Day Parade in Sherbrooke, June 4, 1915 Sir Robert Borden Speaking to a Canadian Brigade During a Visit to the Front Horse Artillery in Training at Valcartier, Québec, 1914 Sir Robert Borden Inspecting Troops at Fletcher’s Field, 1914 Troops of the 73rd Battalion RHC, CEF Marching Past King George V and Field Marshall Lord French at Hankley Common, July 1, 1916

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