Postwar Period

Postwar Period

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Canadian Journalists Visit France 5

The Film


Running Time
05 min 41 s

Visit of a delegation of prominent Canadian newsmen to England and France as guests of the Ministry of Information, July 1918.

A party in the garden of Lord Beaverbrook’s home at Cherkley Court on 14 July for the journalists and some prominent Canadian politicians. Shown in portrait shot are Sir Edward Kemp, the Canadian Minister for Overseas Forces, T C Norris, the Premier of Manitoba, George Stewart, the Premier of Alberta, and W W Martin, the Premier of Saskatchewan. The journalists are shown around the Canadian Training Division at its training grounds at Bramshot and Witley, Aldershot Command. Brigadier-General H F McDonald takes the salute as one battalion marches past. In France General Sir Arthur Currie, the Canadian Corps commander, shows the men over the old Vimy Ridge battlefield. The journalists pose with Field Marshal Haig on the stops of his Château de Beaurepaire at Montreuil on 22 July. At Hangest on 27 July they watch the Canadian Cavalry Brigade pass by in company with its commander, Brigadier General R W Paterson. They look over Hazebruck and then go on to Ypres in a light railway train. Film taken from the train shows the remains of the Cloth Hall, which they investigate. At Verdun they are escorted by French Army guides to a high point for an overall view and are then taken into one of the deep dug-outs. They leave for England from Boulogne in a camouflaged passenger ship on 29 July.


Training for Bayonet Fighting - England A Canadian Narrow Gauge Railway Armoured Train, [ca. 1918]. Soldiers Lined up at Valcartier Camp, Quebec, 1914 Artillery Training Training to stab with Bayonets, Witley 1918

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