Postwar Period

Postwar Period

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Sir Robert Borden with the Canadian Troops 3

The Film


Running Time
05 min

Sir Robert Borden, Prime Minister of Canada, visits the British battleships in the Firth of Forth, February 1917.

Medium close-up as Sir Robert Borden comes on board His Majesty’s Ship Queen Elizabeth from a motor launch - Royal Sovereign Class battleship moored in background. Commodore Brand and Admiral Beatty are among a group of officers which receives him. Borden talks with Beatty and Madden on the quarterdeck. The party goes below through the quarterdeck hatch. Cut to medium close-up of Borden and party coming up the gangway of His Majesty’s Ship Canada - Captain Nicholson (?) salutes them. Borden is introduced to the ship’s officers and inspects a party of ratings. Cut to medium. shot from fo’c’s’le to A turret (canvas hatch tent in foreground): the guns are elevated and depressed. Medium shot of crewmen preparing caravane on fo’c’s’le - in the background ships whaler is hoisted inboard. Low angle medium shot from deck to control top of toremast, and pan down to bridge and forward turrets - pan right to portside of fo’c’s’le, where towing cable s secured to capstan and paravane is hoisted outboard.


Sir Robert Laird Borden Sir Robert Borden Inspecting Troops at Fletcher’s Field, 1914 Rt. Hon. W.L. Mackenzie King Laying a Wreath during Remembrance Day Service on Parliament Hill, Nov. 11, 1937, Ottawa Sir Robert Borden Speaking to a Canadian Brigade During a Visit to the Front

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