Postwar Period

Postwar Period

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With General Ironside's Forces in North Russia 2

The Film


Running Time
10 min

British and other national forces in the North Russian Intervention Force in and near Archangel, and normal peasant life in the area, December 1918 to September 1919. British soldiers at a gunnery school are taught about the Vickers machinegun. In winter White Russian soldiers march across the frozen Dvina River into Archangel. In Murmansk a group of soldiers poses for the camera - British, American, French, Italian, Serbian and Russian. The main Allied warehouses are shown in Bakaritza, the harbour on the opposite bank of the river to Archangel. Soldiers in training use skis and snowshoes for patrol work. One of the trains in Archangel station has a YMCA canteen car. A supply train comes in and sleighs take the supplies out to the front. The village of Bolshayaozerka, on the way to the front, is shown. British soldiers in the front lines man trenches and rifle pits in the snow.


Men Lived in Mud and Were Often Cold and Wet

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