Postwar Period

Postwar Period

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Dominion Day

The Film


Running Time
01 min 36 s

Topical Film Company

Canadian troops are reviewed by King George V on Dominion Day. The Canadians at Bramshot celebrating Dominion Day. Horse artillery passes left to right with 18-pounder guns. His Majesty accompanied by Lord French reviews the Canadians. Infantry and Artillery troops marching past the King who is taking the salute. Canadian Highlanders march past King and Lord French who are on horseback.


5th Canadian Mounted Rifles Military Day Parade in Sherbrooke, June 4, 1915 Fort Garrys on the March Troops of the 73rd Battalion RHC, CEF Marching Past King George V and Field Marshall Lord French at Hankley Common, July 1, 1916

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