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German Offensive 4

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Running Time
03 min 44 s

Topical Film Company

British and French forces on the Amiens Front behind Villers-Bretonneux, Western Front, probably 1-3 April 1918. Filmed on 3 April, the remaining evidence of the famous charge of Lord Strathcona’s Horse of the Canadian Cavalry Brigade, 3rd Cavalry Division, at Moreuil Ridge on 30 March. The dismounted survivors of the regiment (?) come out of line in marching column, wearing greatcoats, caps and helmets (one wears a balmoral). Their horses are led to safety by the ‘number 3s of each group. The dead horses left behind in the charge are still in position. A mixed battalion, possibly pioneers, a day or so earlier, gets up from resting by a tree line and walks uphill into a leafless wood. A few soldiers dig a trench-line in open country. The pioneers emerge from the trees into open country again (possibly near Corbie). Staged meeting between French, probably 29th Division, and British, probably l8th Division, beside their gun limbers. A street damaged by shell fire, with a dead horse and wrecked cart in it and a British cyclist moving past, possibly Villers-Bretonneux.


Men of the 22nd Battalion Practise Digging Trenches, East Sanding, England, 1915 German Prisoners Wearing Gas Masks Bring in Wounded, Amiens, August 1918 Some of the Enemy Who Were Captured by the Canadian Cavalry Coming into the Canadian Line, [ca. 1918] “The Last Trip” – Horses Killed by Enemy Fire, 1914-1918 Horses and Chargers of Various Units General Currie Examines the Canons Captured by the Canadians

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