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With General Ironside's Forces in North Russia 4

The Film


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Running Time
11 min 16 s

British and other national forces in the North Russian Intervention Force in and near Archangel, and normal peasant life in the area, December 1918 to September 1919. A “typical Russian village” is shown in the snow. More views of the peasant villages and the inhabitants. The camera is taken for a ride on a sledge. The various churches and cathedrals of the area are shown: the cathedral at Solombola in winter, that at Emetzkoe in winter, and the church at Kholmogorie, including. detailed views of the church bells. The view over the Dvina valley in summer, including Kholmogorie market place on Sunday afternoon with troops wandering about. At a nearby convent the nuns clean samovars, or work in the fields gathering early wheat. The village of Kergoman on the Dvina is shown in winter. More scenes of troops in Archangel itself, including a Russian boy mascot for British troops. Russian girls work under US supervision making coffee in a YMCA hut. Children play with a see-saw.