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August Offensive 1

The Film


Running Time
05 min 29 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

This rare film focuses on the Canadian Corps’ planning for the great attack on August 8, 1918 that began The Hundred Days of victories that forced Germany to surrender on November 11. We see the Corps commander, Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie, dealing with his staff, poring over maps and (very unusually in the Great War) going forward to do his own reconnaissance of the ground over which he would send his soldiers. Currie, a very good commander indeed (even if his shape did not suggest the soldierly virtues), religiously insisted on doing so. Then the Corps commander’s orders were passed by signallers and runners to the units. This clip was staged for the most part, but it nonetheless accurately depicted the way plans were devised and then prepared for implementation.


General Currie, Commander of the Canadian Troops in France, and A.D.C., June 1917 Signals

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