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August Offensive 6

The Film


Running Time
03 min 06 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

Shots taken a short time after the fighting. The soldiers are busy rebuilding a bridge. German prisoners help transport the wounded. Soldiers and prisoners eat, smoke and relax together. Other soldiers dig a trench and lay telephone cable.

Pieces of History

Battlefield Medicine

German Prisoners of War

Life in the Trenches


Canadian Soldiers, Frenchmen and German POWs Injured Soldiers on the Frontline Germans Captured by the Canadians on Their Way to Arras Prison Cage A Trench on the Canadian Front Showing “Funk-holes”, May 1917

Other Materials

Diary by Ivan Clark Maharg, Aug. 26-Sept. 4, 1918


Teaching Materials

Behind the Lines

The Battles: In the Trenches