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Prisoners and Wounded Coming in

The Film











Running Time
09 min 17 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

The attacks launched in August 1918 all reaped a huge harvest of prisoners. Although the enemy employed its machine guns with skill and many fought well, for the first time in the war, German troops surrendered en masse. This was a sure sign that enemy morale had broken.

The film clips here are superb. Enemy prisoners in very large numbers are featured, including at least one officer wearing an iron cross; there are soldiers being searched by Canadian soldiers for letters and documents of intelligence value (and loot!), and then being interrogated by Canadian officers. To judge by the film, information was readily given. There are also splendid, humanizing close-ups of German soldiers and less humane scenes of prisoners being roughly herded. There is a shot of a POW getting a drink in a trench, likely a captured German trench because of its high standard of construction, and another of a German surrendering and crawling across a rickety footbridge to do so.


German Prisoners Wearing Gas Masks Bring in Wounded, Amiens, August 1918 German Machine Gunners Giving Themselves up to Canadians, June 1917 Prisoners Marched in to Receive Their Sentence Fritz Carries in One Of Canada’s Wounded

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