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Battle of Arras 2

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Running Time
04 min 54 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

The British advance toward the enemy’s Hindenburg Line positions was slow, movement hampered by German demolitions and the terrible condition of the ground in a cold, wet winter. Troops moved by road when they could, and supplies were also brought forward.

The German air force in the spring of 1917 generally was outfighting the British and French air forces, its aircraft, such as the shot-down Albatross shown in this clip, superior in manoeuvrability and fire power.

Little in this British-shot film covers the Canadians’ victory at Vimy Ridge, but the photographers did include some footage of artillery firing at the German trenches atop the ridge. The guns were likely British, a useful reminder that much of the artillery support that Easter Monday of 1917 was from the heavy and medium regiments of the Royal Artillery.


Ammunition Train Positioning the Heavies The Taking of Vimy Ridge, Easter Monday 1917

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