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Canadians Advance East of Arras 2

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Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

The Canadian Corps by 1918 was an amazing operation, its ranks containing everything from blacksmiths and signallers to water purification specialists and railway builders. The Corps had thirteen battalions of railway troops, for example, with still others to operate and build light tramways and all the specialists needed to keep the trains running. This was a huge, highly efficient operation, and the Canadians claimed justly that they could out-build the British and French railway units.

This film shows the build up of artillery stocks for the Drocourt-Queant attack and the heavily loaded freight cars suggest how quickly—compared to trucks moving over bad roads—the railway could move supplies forward. As the clip also suggests, the speed of the Canadian advance put some German rolling stock into Allied hands.


A Canadian Narrow Gauge Railway Armoured Train, [ca. 1918]. Ammunition Train

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