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September Offensive 1

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Running Time
05 min 48 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

Even when great battles were underway, as at the beginning of September 1918, not every soldier could be in action at once. Units moved in and out of the line to enable the men to rest and recuperate. Tented camps behind the front provided a respite where hot food— shown here being carried in “dixies”—could be eaten in marginally more comfortable circumstances than in the trenches. But work never ceased. Troops in reserve were frequently called on to do construction work, and there were always guards to be mounted both for general protection of the camp and to greet visiting dignitaries.


Canadian Cook with His Helper at Work in the Cookhouse, November, 1916 A Canadian Drying His Socks over a Roughly Made Fire, July 1917 Battlefield Scene with Troops Carrying Small Floorboards Troops Resting Troops Enjoying Ice Cream Soldiers marching with rifles, fall 1918

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