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September Offensive 3

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Running Time
06 min 57 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

The attack on the Drocourt-Queant Line from September 2-4, 1918 was a massive effort by two of the Canadian Corps’ four divisions. Canadian casualties numbered 5500 in the brief operation, but the Germans lost heavily as well, including hundreds of prisoners. Enemy morale was beginning to be very shaky, and war weariness had begun to grip the Central Powers.

The film clip shows the large numbers of Canadian wounded, likely at a Casualty Clearing Station located some miles behind the front. The high numbers of prisoners taken in the D-Q Line battles are also featured, but strikingly the price of war—dead Canadians and Germans, dead horses and even a dead dog—are given most prominence. Canadians at home read the weekly casualty lists and knew the war’s high cost; these graphic shots, however, would have shaken them.


No. 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital at Doullens 'A' No. 2 Stationary Hospital, the First Canadian Hospital in France Wounded Soldiers, Probably Canadians, in Admission Area of No. 2 Canadian General Hospital, Le Tréport, France German Prisoners of War Bearing Stretcher, 1918 Dead German Sniper in a Tree

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