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Canadians Advance East of Arras 3

The Film











Running Time
08 min 36 s

Topical Film Company

Compilation film of British and Canadian forces in the Advance to Victory, Western Front, August-October 1918.

Long shots of shells bursting on Bourlon Wood, and of Infantry moving up near Inchy, probably 63rd (Royal Naval) Division, on 4 September. British troops resting on the Cambrai Road with the rubble of the sugar factory behind them. 16th (Canadian Scottish) Battalion, Canadian 1st Division, moving up in column through rear area transport near Cagnicourt. A returning column of German prisoners. An advanced dressing station, probably near Epéhy, showing in some detail two Royal Army Medical Corps sergeants bandaging the leg of a German prisoner. Men of the Royal Naval Division “who the day before had captured Braincourt and Anneux’, which they did on 27 September, cheer the camera and march away. German guns, ranging from heavy pieces to machineguns, captured by the Canadian Corps, set out in a park. British or Canadian soldiers posed on the captured German A7V tank Hagen. A column, possibly 1st Battalion, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 5th Division, marching through the ruins of Bapaume. The unfinished Canal du Nord, very steep at this point. A more shallow crossing, with field kitchens moving up and over a temporary bridge. Another column of German prisoners. British troops march along the bed of the canal filmed from a bank. Royal Engineers bring up rails on a flatcar to repair a light railway. An Royal Field Artillery 18- pounder crosses the temporary bridge. A posed group of women, children and old men in Ecourt-St-Quentin — captured by Canadian 4th Division on 4 September — with the Canadians, including three Frenchmen who hid from the Germans. In the midst of the heavy fighting, thousands of British soldiers leave France every day for fourteen days holiday in England.


Germans Captured by the Canadians on Their Way to Arras Prison Cage Canadian Light Horse Advancing during the Last Days of the War. Soldiers marching with rifles, fall 1918 Canadian Soldiers Building a Light Railway, [ca.1918] Nurses No. 3 Casuality Clearing Station, July 1916

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