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Military Athletic Meeting

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Running Time
02 min 43 s

Topical Film Company

Blind soldiers are taken boating on Regents Park lake. ‘SIGHTLESS SOLDIERS RECREATION. After working at useful trades during the day, blind soldiers from St. Dunstan’s Hostel, enjoying a row on the Regent’s Park Lake, with a lady as coxswain.’ Man leads a chain of five blind soldiers past the camera. Each man takes up the oars in a boat, directed by a lady coxswain. The boats set off.

II. Irish Republican Brotherhood rebels taken prisoner by the British. ‘SINN FEIN REBELS. Disarmed rebels marching from the Military Barracks in Dublin to Kingstown for deportation.’ Two lance corporals look on as a column of IRB prisoners is escorted past. A small group of rebels stand fallen in for the camera — close up of two of the prisoners, one distinguished by a mop of dark curly hair — the soldiers standing in the background are fusiliers. Close up of a prisoner of note (?) — a bearded man wearing a suit and a pince-nez.

Ill. Military athletics meeting. ‘MILITARY ATHLETIC MEETING. Gunner H. Phillips Canadian Regt. defeats Pte. W.R. Applegarth in the l00yds. One of the most interesting races — the obstacle race with the water jump.’ CU as man in running gear leaves the blocks as the race begins. LS from behind the finishing point as six runners cross the line. Close up, head and shoulders of the winner, Gunner Phillips. Runners in a longer race around the stadium pass the camera to breast the tape. The obstacle race — men jump a hedge into a water obstacle on the other side. The first two men keep their footing but a third obligingly stumbles.

IV. Roman Catholic procession. ‘SOLEMN PUBLIC PROCESSION. North London Catholics take part in a procession through the streets of Holloway.’ HA onto Roman Catholic street procession — boys support various images and elders follow with crosses and banners.

V. Women farm workers. ‘WOMEN FARM WORKERS. Women Land Workers, who are replacing men on farms driving home and milking the cows, feeding pigs and c


Aerial View of Championship Sports Meet in France, [ca. 1918]