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Sons of Our Empire Episode 4

The Film











Running Time
08 min 30 s

Topical Film Company

Preparations in the Somme offensive leading to the Canadian capture of Courcelette, Western Front, autumn 1916.

The moment of the attack. The heavy bombardment by various guns and howitzers continues. A Mk I Male tank in position. ‘The day...the hour...three minutes more then...the minute, and for God, King and Empire the Canadians swept forward.” The Canadian troops go over the top. Vickers machineguns give covering fire. Distant views across no man’s land, including a German surrender. A Mk I Male tank damaged, with part of its steering wheels missing. 56th Division rear areas, with wiring parties going forward. An officer controlling an 18-pounder battery’s fire with a megaphone. More views of no man’s land. A heliograph team signals to the guns. The 18-pounders continue to tire and ammunition is brought up to them.


Tanks at Cambrai Gun In Action at Angres, Lens front.  Left to right: G. Compton, Dyment ?, Stewart ?, ?, D. MacDonald, 1917 The Forward Observation Post Artillery Spotters Positioning the Heavies Getting a Howitzer into Position on the Canadian Front, [ca. 1918] The Tank Makes Its Appearance at the Somme A Trench on the Canadian Front Showing “Funk-holes”, May 1917 Soldiers marching with rifles, fall 1918

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