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Scenes In and Around British Headquarters

The Film











Running Time
04 min

British Topical Committee for War Films

Arrival of General Cadorna, the Italian
Commander-in-Chief, on the British zone of the Western
Front for the Allied Commanders’
Conference of 12 March 1916.

Cadorna arrives at Calais on board a British destroyer, met by British, French and Italian liaison officers. He leaves for British headquarters at St-Omer. In the main square of the town Cadorna (described as “the French commander’) presents medals to men of the Canadian Corps. A march past follows and the decorated men are chaired across the square by their fellows. On leaving, Cadorna walks with Field Marshal Haig past a guard of honour of the Artists Rifles into the railway station, where the two men shake hands in farewell. (Note in the scene of Cadorna’s arrival at Calais the British official photographer, Ernest Brooks, at work.)

The British Topical Committee for War Films publicity for this film adds a subtitle “The Spirit which animates the Allies is one of complete and cordial co-operation”.


Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Marching Past Princess Patricia, [ca. 1918] Soldiers Lined up at Valcartier Camp, Quebec, 1914 Sir Arthur Currie with Field Marshal Haig 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles Military Day Parade in Sherbrooke, June 4, 1915 Military Parade Float of the “Flying Boat” during World War I, [ca. 1918]

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