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August Offensive 8

The Film











Running Time
04 min 21 s

Topical Film Company

Compilation film of the British Army during the Battle of Amiens and the Advance to the Hindenburg Line, Western Front, August 1918.

Near Bapaume a German “anti-tank gun’ lies in an unidentifiable wreck with its crew dead beside it. Shells burst in the distance. Two 6-inch Mk VII guns are drawn by Holt tractors to new positions, probably near Sapignies, passed by a general service wagon of the New Zealand Division. British soldiers clear debris and trees in a thin wood near Bailleul. Near Thiepval (?) a dead German lies over a Maxim machinegun on a sledge. Three British soldiers carrying German Maxims and 08/15 Bergmanns walk past him. ‘There is only one good boche - and that is a dead boche.” At a dressing station a prostrate German officer is given water by an RAMC corpsman. “The quality of mercy is not strained.” Just outside Abbeville a large group of Germans, captured in the advance, waits to move.


Germans Captured by the Canadians on Their Way to Arras Prison Cage Horse Artillery in Training at Valcartier, Québec, 1914 Hauling Heavy Shells Shattered Objectives - After the Somme Wounded but Not Too Ill for a Smoke “The Last Trip” – Horses Killed by Enemy Fire, 1914-1918

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