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September Offensive 4

The Film











Running Time
01 min 05 s

Topical Film Company

Unedited film of British troops in the Advance to Victory, Western Front, September 1918.

Stretcher-bearers with wounded, some German, arrive at an advanced dressing station. (Some of the bearers are German prisoners with Red Cross armbands.) Described as Achiet-le-Grand but possibly 65th Field Ambulance, 21St Division, near Epéhy on 18 September. At the entrance to a bell tent a British doctor removes the bandage from a German with a head wound, wiping the blood away as he does so. A group of British troops sit wearing light overalls with their regimental caps. They are described as men who have been gassed and have changed out of their gas-laden clothes, but show no signs of distress.


German Prisoners of War Bearing Stretcher, 1918 A Stretcher Bearer Dressing a Canadian Wounded at the Battle of Arleux, [ca. 1918] Col. Williams Photographing a Case for Medical Records Wounded Canadian Soldiers En Route for Blighty, [ca. 1918] Wounded Canadians in France Enjoy the Sunshine While a Sister Reads Home News to Them, July 1917. Trench Raids to Obtain Prisoners for the Identification of Units Nurses No. 3 Casuality Clearing Station, July 1916 Some of the Enemy Who Were Captured by the Canadian Cavalry Coming into the Canadian Line, [ca. 1918] Injured Soldiers on the Frontline Dressing the Enemy’s Wounds No. 2 Stationary Hospital, the First Canadian Hospital in France Wounded Soldiers, Probably Canadians, in Admission Area of No. 2 Canadian General Hospital, Le Tréport, France Fritz Carries in One Of Canada’s Wounded

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