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La Bassée

The Film











Running Time
06 min 53 s

Section Cinématographique de l'Armée Française

A still photograph, irised in and out, of two Bulgarian officers in a car on their way te negotiate the surrender of Bulgaria to the Allies, Salonika Front, 30 September 1918.

British and Canadian advance through towns abandoned by the Germans, Western Front, October 1918. Armentières, set on fire by the Germans in their retreat, no longer burning but showing damage to the main streets. Lens and its church are a pile of rubble and bricks. La Bassée is only half-standing, British troops, of I Corps, inspect the ruins before marching off. Some British sappers dig through the banks of the La Bassée Canal to make a crossing point. Cambrai (tinted red) s on fire as troops et Canadian 3rd Division watch. The Canadians, one carrying a French flag, move through the city, working as firefighters with pumps and buckets. Lorrytowed 4.5-inch howitzers move through the town (tinting ends).

The entrances to the two captured forts of Nogent-l’Abbesse and Brimont from which the Germans bombarded Rheims, Western Front, October 1918.

General Mangin talks with US Ambassador William G Sharp near Laon, posed for cameras, Western Front, October 1918.


Canadian Engineers Repair a Bridge Destroyed by the Germans Ruins of the Grand Palace, Cambrai Heavy Shells Exploding in Cambrai The Train Station, Valenciennes, 1918

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