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Battle of Arras 7

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Running Time
11 min

Topical Film Company

Aftermath of the German retreat to the Hindenburg line, and the Battle of Arras, Western Front, March-April 1917. South African 1st Regiment during a trench raid (their leader, Captain Rolf, was awarded the MC), taking three prisoners. Another trench raid, possibly by 9th Battalion, the Cameronians. Behind the lines near Arras 1 9th Hussars wait.


Canadian Soldiers Carrying Trench Materials, [ca. 1918] Near Arras, France : Engineers Sterilizing Water Pumped from a Dirty Stream, 1918 Cavalry and Tanks at Arras, 1918 Fort Garrys on the March Pack Horses Taking Up Ammunition to Guns of 20th Battery. C. F. A., Neuville St. Vaast, April 1917 Ready for Gas Attack (Canadian Military Demonstration, Shorncliffe), September, 1917. Horse Artillery in Training at Valcartier, Québec, 1914 A 60-pounder Breech-loading Gun at a WW1 Training Camp, Valcartier, Quebec, 1914 Getting a Howitzer into Position on the Canadian Front, [ca. 1918] A Trench on the Canadian Front Showing “Funk-holes”, May 1917 Rue des Grandes-Viéziers, One of Arras' Busiest Commercial Boulevards City Hall and Small Square, Arras Ruined French Village, 1914-1918 Canadian Light Horse Advancing during the Last Days of the War.

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