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The Royal Visit to the Battlefields of France, July 1917 - 4

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Running Time
11 min

Topical Film Company

Visit of King George V and Queen Mary to France 3-14 July 1917. The King tours Vimy Ridge and the Somme battlefield. At Albert the King knights two Corps commanders, General Currie of the Canadian Corps and General Fanshawe, and decorates a number of French officers. The King goes on to visit Australian 5th Division headquarters. The Queen visits the South African hospital at Abbeville. The King continues his tour of Vimy Ridge and the Somme area. Finally, the King, Queen and Prince call in at the Duchess of Sutherlands hospital prior to leaving for Britain from Calais.


General Currie, Commander of the Canadian Troops in France, and A.D.C., June 1917 Nurses No. 3 Casuality Clearing Station, July 1916 Sir Arthur Currie with Field Marshal Haig The Ghosts of Vimy Ridge Troops of the 73rd Battalion RHC, CEF Marching Past King George V and Field Marshall Lord French at Hankley Common, July 1, 1916 RMR Cross, Tara Hill Cemetery on the Somme, 1916 Early-war Military Cemetery Troops Looking at Vimy  Memorial, 1917 Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Marching Past Princess Patricia, [ca. 1918]

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