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Clemenceau at Cambrai 2

The Film











Running Time
04 min 35 s

Topical Film Company

Cambrai after its liberation, including a visit by Field Marshal Haig and Prime Minister Clemenceau, Western Front, probably 9 October 1918. Soldiers, probably 57th (West Lancashire) Division, use hoses and ladders to suppress a fire raging in one house. In the main square the streets have been cleared of rubble but all the buildings still show damage. One main building is still marked as the German Kommandantur. Refugees, some in wagons carrying the French flag, others with handcarts, return to their homes. The railway station, both inside and out, shows considerable damage. The outside of the Kommandantur, including the entrance next to the Citadelle Buildings are still on fire. A slow pan down from a church tower, showing major shell damage.


A Canadian Narrow Gauge Railway Armoured Train, [ca. 1918]. Rue des Grandes-Viéziers, One of Arras' Busiest Commercial Boulevards City Hall and Small Square, Arras Ruins of the Grand Palace, Cambrai Heavy Shells Exploding in Cambrai The Train Station, Valenciennes, 1918 Sir Arthur Currie with Field Marshal Haig

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