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Link of the Empire

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Running Time
04 min 03 s

Topical Film Company

Newfoundland troops are presented with a silk Union Flag. Princess Henry of Battenberg presents a silk Union Flag to the contingent of Newfoundland troops at Chelsea Hospital and inspects the guard of Honour.’ The Princess - who seems to be walking with some difficulty - takes a large Union Jack from one officer and quickly passes it on to another who comes forward to receive the flag. Cut to the Princess after a short speech (?) as she steps back confused by clutching her script, as others applaud. Newfoundland troops present arms. The Newfoundlanders also received a silver shield, a token of appreciation from the women of Britain for the soldiers’ valour and devotion. The League of the Empire had arranged similar presentations to Canadian, Australian and South African troops.


Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Marching Past Princess Patricia, [ca. 1918] Military Parade during World War I, [ca. 1918] Troops of the 73rd Battalion RHC, CEF Marching Past King George V and Field Marshall Lord French at Hankley Common, July 1, 1916 Military Parade Float of the “Flying Boat” during World War I, [ca. 1918] Newfoundland Regiment at Pleasantville, 1914