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Canadian Troops in Action

The Film


Running Time
09 min 01 s

British Topical Committee for War Films

The Canadians had to learn how to fight and survive trench warfare, and in the months after their battle at Ypres in April 1915, they developed their techniques. They built dugouts that could withstand enemy artillery fire, they worked on their trenches (though they could never find a way to keep them dry), and they did what soldiers have always done: trained and trained again; watched and waited; and trained some more. This film, shot in 1915 (when the soldiers still wore cloth caps in the trenches) and in the early months of 1916 (after they had acquired their steel helmets), shows the Canadians in this learning phase.


Canadian Infantry in the Trenches Wearing the New Helmet In the Dugouts Near Ploegesteert Wood, Thinking of Loved Ones Far Away, August 1915 Canadian Cook with His Helper at Work in the Cookhouse, November, 1916 Shaving and Clean-up A Motor Transport Travelling Bath in the Canadian Part of the Line, May, 1917

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