Canadians on the Western Front 1

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05 min 31 s

Topical Film Company

The Canadians had fought a bitter battle in August 1917 for Hill 70, on the outskirts of the industrial city of Lens in northern France. Although the Corps engaged in terrible battles elsewhere (most notably Passchendaele), it returned to the Vimy-Lens sector of the front and, fortunately, was not in the direct path of the Germans’ great offensive drives of 1918. The Lens sector nonetheless was horrid, a tangled mess of ruined buildings, homes and mines. This clip shows the wreckage and includes scenes of the “Green Crassier” a slag heap over which the Germans and Canadians had fought bitterly in the summer of 1917.


Ruins of the Grand Palace, Cambrai Heavy Shells Exploding in Cambrai Ruined French Village, 1914-1918

Other Materials

The Assault on Hill 70, August 15 1917

Wartime Letter from Captain Bellenden S. Hutcheson

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