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Dressing Station

The Film


Running Time
03 min 20 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

The great Canadian attack on August 8, 1918 broke through the German lines but the cost was very high: 4000 casualties on that day alone. The flood of wounded overwhelmed the Corps’ medical system that saw Regimental Aid Posts provide immediate treatment, Advanced Dressing Stations do a rudimentary triage and administer morphine, and Casualty Clearing Stations undertake surgery. The wounded then went to a Canadian General Hospital, located well to the rear, and on to England for further surgery and convalescence. Only very badly wounded men were returned to Canada.

The film clip shows an Advanced Dressing Station with walking wounded and stretcher cases being collected prior to treatment. Hot drinks were passed out, and wounded German prisoners of war were gathered. They would receive the same medical care as Canadian soldiers. There are also quite wonderful shots of dirty, tired Canadian troops taking a break after the rigours of battle.


Injured Soldiers on the Frontline Wounded but Not Too Ill for a Smoke Dressing the Enemy’s Wounds

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