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Canadians Advance Near Cambrai 1

The Film


Running Time
08 min 59 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

The rapid advance of the Canadians through August and September 1918 stretched the supply lines to the breaking point. Pack trains moved supplies forward, and soldiers, using the “tumpline” system first developed by Canadian Indians and 18th century voyageurs in the Canadian northwest, were mobilized to carry heavy loads from supply depots forward to the front. (The tumpline employed a wide cloth band that could be put over the forehead; it allowed men to carry large loads with comparative ease.) The Corps’ successful railway and tramway troops also moved supplies forward and carried casualties to the rear, the engines (one with a maple leaf painted proudly on its front) varying in size and power.


During the Battle of Cambrai, Canal Du Nord, 1918 Ammunition Train A Light Railroad Truck with Wounded on Board, [ca. 1918]

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