On the Road to Valenciennes

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08 min 48 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

After the Germans surrendered, the Allies prepared to send occupation forces into Germany. The Canadians were involved, moving troops from Mons, where they were on Armistice day, November 11, into Germany by December 4. The marching troops had many occasions to be inspected en route, parading past their commander Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie. The climactic parade was on December 13, 1918, on the great bridge that spanned the Rhine at Bonn where Currie again took the salute—this was victory at last. What the soldiers wanted, of course, was to get home to Canada as quickly as possible.


The Roads of France ‘D’ The Roads of France ‘B’ General Currie, Commander of the Canadian Troops in France, and A.D.C., June 1917

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