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Valenciennes 2

The Film


Running Time
09 min 36 s

Canadian War Records Office, Ministry of Information

With the Armistice, the brass arrived for their tours of the battlefields. British, French, American, Canadian and Belgian senior officers and politicians visited the trenches or set out to greet the troops. King George V toured the front and watched infantry and tanks stage an exercise. The Prince of Wales reviewed Canadian troops and received endless bouquets of flowers (where did they come from in November 1918 after four years of German occupation?) from children in Valenciennes. The war was over, Germany was defeated, and Canada had lost 60,000 dead. Now the statesmen’s task was to make a peace that would last.


The Tank Makes Its Appearance at the Somme A Sector of the Western Front from the Air General Currie, Commander of the Canadian Troops in France, and A.D.C., June 1917

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Mount Houy and Valenciennes