With a Canadian Brigade at Ypres

The Film


Running Time
01 min 09 s

Canadian rear areas during the Third Battle of Ypres, Western Front, late 1917. Isolated Canadian soldiers walking over very muddy ground at Ypres between water-filled craters. The cameraman’s comments are on the shotsheet: ‘Took a few pieces of wounded and prisoners coming back over bad ground. I do not think the film will be very good. Conditions were all against any good results. Could get no help — runners being killed or wounded almost every time they went out. I was at advanced Brigade General Headquarter’.

II. The visit of Cardinal Bourne to an Australian unit on the Western Front, late 1917. The Cardinal arrives by car and walks past a military unit to a hut marked “Catholic Club — open to all”, followed by the soldiers.


Two Gas Shells Exploding near the Canadian Lines, [ca. 1918]. Tank Near Artillery Crater Filled with Water Wounded Canadian Soldiers En Route for Blighty, [ca. 1918]

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