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Canadian Journalists Visit France 2

The Film


Running Time
03 min 16 s

Leading Canadian journalists visit Lord Beaverbrook, Minister of Information, at his home, Cherkley Court, England, 14 July 1918.

The party, in informal dress, walks in the gardens of the house. Beaverbrooks young daughter and two smaller sons (wearing kilts) are prominent. The group poses on the terrace steps, followed by a series of individual or small group portrait shots. The fourth of these is of Beaverbrook himself.

Beaverbrook appears to have arranged for visits of editors from the Dominions and India to Britain and the Western Front at approximately two-monthly intervals in summer and autumn 1918, diverting Mol cameramen and photographers onto recording this. The Times gives the names of the visiting party, but they remain unidentified on the film.

Beaverbrooks lavish treatment of the newspapermen shows the importance that, as a newspaperman himself, he placed on their role in winning the war. Sadly, the war was in the process of being won as he did so, and because of his diversion of Mol resources the record of this victory is far less complete than it might have been. The ethics of so using government employees are also questionable. The film portrait shot of Beaverbrook himself is superior to any photograph taken at the time.