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Battle of Arras 6

The Film


Running Time
06 min 40 s

Topical Film Company

Fragmentary film of Canadian troops on the Western Front, probably during the Battle of Arras, April 1917.

The Duke of Connaught is taken on a conducted tour over an old part of a battlefield (possibly Somme area), 11 March 1917. Canadians in a rear position relax and smoke in dug-outs. A tented rest camp. A long-range view of houses being shelled. More shell fire, possibly on a training range. Soldiers prepare to take heavy loads of ammunition and equipment on their backs forward from the rear areas through the trenches. Pan over an old battlefield with half-destroyed buildings. A tented camp with Canadian gunners exercising their horses. Men of the Tank Corps do maintenance work on their Mk IV tanks; one man draws an elaborate Maple Leaf on the nose of his tank.


Shaving and Clean-up In the Dugouts Near Ploegesteert Wood, Thinking of Loved Ones Far Away, August 1915 Wounded but Not Too Ill for a Smoke French-Canadians in Flanders

Other Materials

Diary by Ivan Clark Maharg, Aug. 26-Sept. 4, 1918