The Royal Visit to the Battlefields of France, July 1917 - 3

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Visit of King George V and Queen Mary to France 3-14 July 1917.

The King and Queen go their various ways, the King to St-Sixte Monastery (used as a Casualty Clearing Station) and on to an aerodrome and the Gas School at Helfaut. Haig meets with the King, the Queen, and President and Madame Poincaré at Abbeville. The Queen and Prince visit the Asiatic Petrol Company factories near Rouen.


Nieuport 17 Sopwith Camel S.E.5a Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Marching Past Princess Patricia, [ca. 1918] Two Gas Shells Exploding near the Canadian Lines, [ca. 1918]. Northern Electric Co. Ltd. Factory, Montreal, Quebec, ca. 1916 Soldering Fuses, British Munitions Company Limited, Verdun, Quebec, [ca. 1915-1917] Assembly Department, British Munitions Supply Co. Ltd., Verdun, Quebec, [1916-1918] Troops of the 73rd Battalion RHC, CEF Marching Past King George V and Field Marshall Lord French at Hankley Common, July 1, 1916 Sir Arthur Currie with Field Marshal Haig