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September Offensive 5

The Film


Running Time
02 min 50 s

Topical Film Company

Unedited film of British troops in the Advance to Victory, Western Front, September 1918. A marching column behind the lines with ammunition limbers going the other way, probably 40th Division (note formation sign). A house on fire with trees nearby. A destroyed village with British General Service wagons and troops moving through. At another location, possibly Bray-sur-Somme, houses are damaged on both sides of a wide main street. A small leave- boat with camouflage markings, its deck crowded with cheering British and Dominion troops, leaves the quay for England.


Movement of supplies, Lens, 1918 Pack Horses Taking Up Ammunition to Guns of 20th Battery. C. F. A., Neuville St. Vaast, April 1917 Canadian Troops Returning from Europe Aboard H.M.T. Olympic, Halifax, NS, ca. 1919

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After Amiens