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September Offensive 6

The Film


Running Time
01 min 35 s

Topical Film Company

Unedited film of British and captured German tanks behind British lines during the Advance to Victory, Western Front, September 1918.

Firstly, a column of Infantry marching through a town showing shell damage - the light values have been set wrongly and the film is far too dark. This is followed by British, or possibly Canadian, soldiers inspecting two captured German tanks, the A7V Sturmpanzerwagen, of which about twenty were built. One of them is marked as the ‘Hagen’. Beside these tanks is a British Mk V Male tank. Another tank, a Mk V Female Gasper’ of 7th Battalion, Tank Corps, towing a broken-down Mk V along a road.


Tanks at Cambrai Rue des Grandes-Viéziers, One of Arras' Busiest Commercial Boulevards Ruins of the Grand Palace, Cambrai

Other Materials

The Canal du Nord and Bourlon Wood

After Amiens

The Expanding Allied Offensive

Assault and Capture of the Drocourt-Quéant Line