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September Offensive 7

The Film


Running Time
02 min 31 s

Topical Film Company

Unedited film in the wake of the British forces in the Advance to Victory, possibly Villers-Bretonneux, Western Front, September 1918. A pan over a ruined village, Villers-Bretonneux (?) filmed from a church tower, showing British troops and transport moving in the streets below. Two soldiers look out through the crenellations of the tower, filmed from behind and caught in silhouette against the sky. The same damage from ground level; two Highlanders, possibly of 51St (Highland) Division, wave at the camera. French soldiers clear debris from the railway tracks.

II. A religious service at No 2 Aeroplane Supply Depot RAF, France, 1 September 1918. Mechanics and other ranks, mostly still wearing RFC uniform and badges, march out on parade led by their band and form a hollow square around an FE2d night bomber. The base chaplain uses the observer’s front cockpit of this pusher aircraft as his pulpit to deliver a sermon, after which the band plays a hymn and marches away.

Ill. British wagons passing over a bridge, temporarily repaired by the Royal Engineers, across the Somme River, Monchy-Lagache, Western Front, probably 1 September 1918.


Bristol F2B Fighter S.E.5a Avro 504 Canadian Engineers Repair a Bridge Destroyed by the Germans A Bridge is Built on the Scheldt River, 1918 Rue des Grandes-Viéziers, One of Arras' Busiest Commercial Boulevards City Hall and Small Square, Arras Ruins of the Grand Palace, Cambrai Heavy Shells Exploding in Cambrai The Train Station, Valenciennes, 1918

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