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Battle of Arras 8

The Film











Running Time
12 min

Topical Film Company

Aftermath of the German retreat to the Hindenburg line, and the Battle of Arras, Western Front, March-April 1917. Soldiers of 10th (London Stock Exchange) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers and Royal West Kents march up to the battlefield for the attack. German prisoners and wounded come back, but no fighting is shown. Men of the King’s Liverpool Regiment and King’s Own Shropshire Light Infantry move up.


German Prisoners of War Bearing Stretcher, 1918 Canadian Soldiers Building a Light Railway, [ca.1918] First Aid Being Rendered to Wounded at Courcelette, September 1916 Pack Horses Taking Up Ammunition to Guns of 20th Battery. C. F. A., Neuville St. Vaast, April 1917 Gun In Action at Angres, Lens front.  Left to right: G. Compton, Dyment ?, Stewart ?, ?, D. MacDonald, 1917 Horse Artillery in Training at Valcartier, Québec, 1914 Shattered Objectives - After the Somme The Tank Makes Its Appearance at the Somme Fritz Carries in One Of Canada’s Wounded Dead German Sniper in a Tree Soldiers marching with rifles, fall 1918

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