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Canadian Soldiers Voting

The Film


Running Time
01 min 51 s

Topical Film Company

Men of Canadian 3rd Division voting in the Canadian General Election, and American Railway Engineers, Western Front, December 1917. A poster lists the various “Electoral Districts in Canada’. Polling took place between 1 and 17 December. Men of 7th Brigade, Canadian 3rd Division read the poster. The brigade is 49th (Edmonton) Battalion, 42nd (5th Royal Highlanders of Canada) Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment, and the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Outside, a line of men of the brigade wait to vote. At 3rd Division Salvage Company at Norrent-Fontes, a hut has a sign painted over it, “Bring your salvage to this dump and vote for the Government !!! Both will help win the war.’’ Underneath this is a sign reading ‘a vote against the Government means you are here for life; a vote for the Government means another man is coming to take your place”. Next to this is a sign advertising Canadian War Bonds. A soldier of 42nd Battalion reads the notice on voting.


Sir Robert Laird Borden Sir Robert Borden Inspecting Troops at Fletcher’s Field, 1914 Rt. Hon. W.L. Mackenzie King Laying a Wreath during Remembrance Day Service on Parliament Hill, Nov. 11, 1937, Ottawa

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