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Battle of Arras 10

The Film


Running Time
11 min 18 s

British Topical Committee for War Films

British forces, chiefly 7th and 29th Divisions, on the first day of the Somme offensive, Western Front, 1 July 1916. The film shows the British and German wounded being treated at the Minden Post dressing station in 7th Division sector and the consolidation of. captured German positions at Fricourt and Mametz. The British soldiers come out of the line to rest, and they and their German prisoners retire to the rear. The film also shows plans of dead bodies of German and English soldiers killed in the battle.

The classic First World War film in every sense, widely used for stockshots even today. The only British official film to have a major impact on the perception of the war, both at the time and in historical terms. Also the only official film of the war with a claim to be regarded as great art in its own right. The unprecedented and unexpected public success of this film established cinema as a remainder of the war.


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