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Pont Remy Sports

The Film


Running Time
04 min 52 s

Topical Film Company

Competition between Army Forestry Companies from Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand at the Forestry Camp at Pont Remy, France, 15 September 1918. The soldiers watch several terms of contest. A pillow fight between two men sitting astride a log suspended over water. A tree stump felling contest, in which the four representatives each have to cut down a stump about ton feet high. A similar competition to cut through a short log lying on the ground, won by the Australian whose fellows rush forward to cheer him. He poses in his shirt, shorts and bush hat with his axe beside the trunk. A third contest, including New Zealand Maoris, in chopping down medium-sized trees. Finally, a ‘log rolling’ contest for men keeping balance standing on a log on the river, which they cross by rolling the log forward.


Unidentified North American Indian Serving with the Canadian Forestry Corps in Britain, 1915-1918 Canadian Foresters in Windsor Park Personnel of the Canadian Forestry Corps Loading Timber, Gerardmer, France. February 1919