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With General Ironside's Forces in North Russia 3

The Film


Running Time
09 min 55 s

British and other national forces in the North Russian Intervention Force in and near Archangel, and normal peasant life in the area, December 1918 to September 1919.

Sledge-ambulances bring the wounded back to the hospital in Archangel, where surgery is performed. The village of Toulgas is shown. Men of the Royal Scots Fusiliers carry out PT exercises in the snow. US troops come back to the village from the front, together with Canadian sleigh-mounted 1 8-pounder guns. In May 1919 the relief force arrives and marches through Archangel. Local boy scouts march at the rear of the column. Earlier, in the snow, White Russian; Cossacks ride in on patrol, bringing in Bolshevik prisoners of war. In Archangel, troops use the YMCA carriage, and there's a tug of war between US and Canadian soldiers. In September the last US troops evacuate the city by sea, their ship passing the repair base at Solombola. The great fire at the lumber mills at Maimaxa is shown from the river.


The Frost-hardened Ground of the Ridge Melted as the Day Wore on Men Lived in Mud and Were Often Cold and Wet