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Battle of Arras 13

The Film


Running Time
06 min 02 s

Topical Film Company

Fragmentary film of Canadian troops on the Western Front, probably during the Battle of Arras, April 1917. Sunrise over a battlefield. Canadians at a front line machinegun post open fire. Canadian wounded are brought through to the rear areas of a battle, with German prisoners helping as stretcher-bearers. At a first aid post the stretchers are loaded into a motor ambulance. German prisoners have been led back to a rear-area village, where Canadian soldiers pick up their packs and go back up the line. German prisoners, one in body-armour, sit by a tent and shake lice out of their clothing. Portrait shots of German prisoners showing various degrees of nervousness and fatigue. In a quarry in the rear troops eat and drink; a chaplain offers drinks to tired and wounded men. German and Canadian stretcher-bearers, - working together, share drinks and biscuits. In a trench one party of soldiers relieves another (one man deliberately shakes hands with another). A final view of a laughing soldier.


German Prisoners of War Bearing Stretcher, 1918 German Prisoners Wearing Gas Masks Bring in Wounded, Amiens, August 1918 First Line Hospital Fritz Carries in One Of Canada’s Wounded Dead German Sniper in a Tree Gas attack, Aerial View

Other Materials

Letter from Pete Flett to his sister, April 17, 1917