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The Rights and Wrongs of War
Behind every war is not only a cause to defend, but also burning moral questions. The Holocaust, Hiroshima and Normandy are names charged with the weight of history, and they still resonate strongly in our collective memory. Bombing of civilians, prisoners of war and concentration camps, untrained soldiers, racism and segregation, the atomic bomb: our films cast a critical, contemporary eye over these themes.
Film excerpts
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Excerpt (3:20)
In Desperate Battle: Normandy 1944
1992, director: Brian McKenna
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Excerpt (5:30)
Death by Moonlight: Bomber Command
1991, director: Brian McKenna
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Excerpt (2:12)
No More Hiroshima
1984, director: Martin Duckworth
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Article by a specialist Bombing & the Ethics of War
Randall Hansen, author and political scientist, considers the ethical issues raised by the bombing of Germany during World War II.

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