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Lesson plan for the film
Lost Over Burma: Search for Closure

Overall Objective
A homemade PowerPoint game will involve students creatively in studying history. A game based on the World War II event treated in Lost over Burma is used as an example. Students will also learn how to produce their own questions to target different levels of understanding.
Grade Level
Advanced 9–12 and beyond. This unit can be adapted to younger grades and different courses of study in various Canadian provinces and territories.

Content Areas
Social Studies

Materials Required
Access to a computer lab
Internet connection
Microsoft PowerPoint (or other presentation software)
Windows Media Player

This lesson plan is intended to help students design their own homemade PowerPoint games. Game design is strongly dependent on narrative. Students must research a historical event to find relationships between facts. The historical event becomes an intricate story that must be re-presented in a way that conforms to the interactive nature of a game. PowerPoint provides an excellent vehicle for this kind of game design.

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Lost Over Burma: Search for Closure
Film  (46:35)
Film related to this lesson plan
Lost Over Burma: Search for Closure
Film  (46:35)
Excerpt related to this lesson plan