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The Home Front
Although the fighting happened overseas, the repercussions of the war were felt in Canada and affected the whole country. Social, political and economic life was deeply shaken, and upheavals occurred in the changing role of women, the introduction of conscription, even propaganda.
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Ceremony Marking the 100 Millionth Projectile Manufactured in Canada
Jack Long / National Film Board of Canada. Photothèque / Library and Archives Canada / PA-112908
Vox populi
What was Canada's contribution to the Second World War on the Home Front?



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Vox populi  (1:27)
(2008), director: Éric Barbeau, Montreal / Maureen Grant, Toronto / Counting On Us, Vancouver

The contributors to this Vox populi :
Doug Falbo (Vancouver)
Kevin Myles (Toronto)
Crystine Hershberger & Justin Trottier (Toronto)
Avijit Choudhury & Dhrity Chakraborty (Toronto)
Claire Heenan (Montreal)
James Flack (Vancouver).