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Food: Secret of the Peace
Excerpt  (2:16) 1945, director: Stuart Legg
Critical food shortages in the war's aftermath posed a threat to social and political stability in Western Europe. The filmmakers employ images of devastation and unrest, along with an urgently worded narration read by Lorne Greene, to mobilize support for postwar humanitarian aid. This newsreel is from World in Action, a series seen by millions across North America.
This film presents an analysis of the chief postwar problem in liberated Europe. Opening with scenes of food queues and hunger riots in famine areas, this film points out the political danger that lies in starvation conditions. Causes of food shortages and measures taken by the Allies to solve these problems are described.

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Excerpt (2:16)
Food: Secret of the Peace
1945, director: Stuart Legg
Critical food shortages in the war's aftermath posed a...
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