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Propaganda: The Battle for Hearts and Minds
Mobilizing the population to contribute to the war effort was a battle in itself requiring a special weapon: propaganda. Selective information and carefully controlled messages influenced people and got them to believe in the war. Propaganda also recruited soldiers and female workers, and even promoted measures such as rationing.
Film excerpts
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Excerpt (00:36)
Excerpt (2:16)
Food: Secret of the Peace
1945, director: Stuart Legg
Critical food shortages in the war's aftermath posed a...
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Excerpt (5:32)
Train Busters
1944, director: Sydney Newman
An Allied bombing raid on Nazi transport links is...
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Excerpt (6:36)
Corvette Port Arthur
1943, director: Joris Ivens
Corvettes, ships closely identified with Canada's wartime...
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Filmed interview with a specialist
Harry Cambpell talks about the distribution of propaganda films produced by the NFB during WWII.

2008 View the interview (4:21) »»
Article by a specialist Cinema in aid of the war effort
Catherine Saouter, author and professor of Visual Communications, explains the context and strategies of the propaganda films produced by the NFB during the Second World War.

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Inside France
Harry Mayerovitch, who believed in the social function of art, created another high impact...
Our Northern Neighbour
This poster designed by Harry Mayerovitch, of avowedly leftist sympathies, depicts a...
Trans-Canada Express
The film Trans-Canada Express was one of many in the series Canada Carries On. This series...
Wounded in Action
For Harry Mayerovitch, the effectiveness of a good poster lay, as is the case here, in...
Attack on All Fronts
This remarkable 1943 poster uses dynamic composition and a forceful tone to highlight the...
Corvette Port Arthur
The film Corvette Port Arthur, a tribute to the Royal Canadian Navy, was directed by Joris...
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